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Blake yDNA study at FT DNA

A new member of the team looking after the Blake yDNA study. Patti Blake Goff has family lore that her Blake line (father was a Blake) descends from the Blake family at Galway. She joins the team to look at the Blake family in Ireland gradually working her way into that post. In the meantime enquiries on the Irish Blake family should continue to come to me and I continue to be the main person working on the assigning of Blake members to groups. There is one new member that I need to assign and will get to that process.

Where am I at with my Blake one name study? I have had a really busy summer and gradually getting back into genealogy once again. I have a few new projects which will take up a little of my time at the moment. They are long term projects and of great interest to me personally. They will tend to predominate in five years time when I step away from my Blake one name study.

I want to get back into the Cornwall Blake line. I have had one email from an individual descendant of this line questioning my thought that Blake in Cornwall was an emigrant in the early 1500s. Certainly my grandfather when he spoke of his Blake line believed that they had been in the Andover area for ever and I think that most people think that way. I think they may well have been in that general area for the last eight thousand years and one day proof might arise to substantiate that thought. But the testing by BritainsDNA certainly points to a very ancient line for this haplogroup. The I2a study at FT DNA does the same placing this group in the British Isles well before 4000 years before the present. How to handle such emails? Should one abandon a project because it goes against the thinking of an individual writing to you? I really do not know the answer to that question. I am an outsider looking in; I live in a country which was populated probably twelve thousand years ago or more by emigrants from Asia who also feel the same way that their people have been here for ever. What is forever anyway? Is it more than four generations because by four generations back a lot of people have forgotten where their families live unless a consistent effort was made to pass that information down. I was lucky that way in that my parents constantly mentioned where their families had lived in England (my father came to Canada as a child) and my mother is my only Canadian line with myself, my mother, her father and his mother being my only ancestors born in Canada and to date I only have known ancestors born in various counties of England.

So who does genealogy serve? It should serve everyone as it is the story of our ancestral lines all of which eventually converge way back in time. There was a time when the first Homo species arose on the earth probably spontaneously and successively as each one fought to survive in the environment into which it entered. We now know that many did not survive and that eventually only Homo Sapiens (our species) survived to multiply and occupy this planet. Genealogy serves that group of people because we are all one big family and eventually we will lay down our weapons and live together as God intended. Not one of us is superior to the other; our DNA tells us that.

Off my soapbox and I will return to Cornwall Blake once again extracting all the Blake entries from the census beginning in 1841 and moving forward this time. I tried the reverse and it was meaningful but this time I have the parish records for the earlier Blake lines there so should be able to do some linkages and discover where various family members ended up as the census moves towards 1911. The 1939 Register is soon to be released to help bridge that gap and the 1921 census not so far away now. I hope to have a picture of the Cornwall Blake family available to look at by the end of the year. To the best of my knowledge no one has tested their yDNA with a proven line back to the Blake families in Cornwall; certainly the present day descendants could be from those early Blake lines in both Cornwall and Devon and perhaps further afield.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mary Charley/Charlie (1738 - 1797 or 1803)

52 Ancestor Challenge - Challenge 41

Blake, King, Coleman, Pearce, Farmer, Mary (unknown), Lambden, Sarah (unknown), Knight, Ellis, Knight, Vincent, Butt, O'Ford, Arnold, Molton, Cotterell, Bartlett, Alderman, Shepherd, Sherwood, Elizabeth (unknown), Happerfield, Collins, Rawlings, Tanner, Dove, Morgan, Lywood, Lanham, unknown, Peck, Pincombe, Charley, Rowcliffe, Pearse, Rew, Moggridge, Siderfin, Kent, Gray, Hilton, Cobb, Sproxton, Routledge, Tweddle, Routledge, Routledge, (unknown) Buller, unknown, Beard, Hemsley, Welch, Brockhouse, Cheatle, Woodcock, unknown Taylor, unknown, Harborne, Lewis, Roberts, Croxall, Lawley, unknown

I have known the name Mary Charley/Charlie since childhood in terms of her being the wife of John Pincombe father of Robert Pincombe my three times great grandfather and the father of the emigrant John Pincombe who came to Canada with his family in 1850/51. It must have been a name that intrigued my mother because she retained that name from her childhood. Her father had died when she was just eight years old although it was likely reinforced by family gatherings during her childhood.  She remembered seeing a Family Bible which traced this Pincombe line back to John Pincombe and Grace Manning and their marriage took place at Bishops Nympton 20 Mar 1725. The thought crosses my mind that such a Bible would have had to cross with John Pincombe when he emigrated to Canada but the only Bible I have seen for the Pincombe family is held by my half-second cousin and I have copies of the family pages in that Bible. I do remember seeing that particular Bible as a child but do not recall anything other than the pages for which I have images. It is possible that there was a loose page in that Bible which showed the family line as this was a family that found their genealogical information to be very important particularly the spelling of their surname! There were three sons and two daughters of John Pincombe the emigrant (all were born in England) and I have never met most of the descendants. We did, some of us, get together to prepare a bio for the Pincombe Family when the Westminster and Delaware History Books were published and representatives of each of the sons were present at that gathering. I wrote the bio but had imput from everyone. The slant was basically on the Pincombe family which stayed in the Westminster area (my own line had moved into London, Ontario after the death of my grandfather in 1925). The two daughter's lines were not consulted mostly because none of us knew descendants that lived closeby.

I have had two recent communications from possible cousins on the Charley line. The first was as a result of an autosomal DNA match with an individual still living in Devon England where Mary Charley was likely born and certainly died. Mary was buried at Bishops Nympton Parish Church.The second is descendant of the Charley line in Jamaica and this line traces back to Combe Martin, Devon.

Information on possible Mary Charley from Find My Past:

Mary Charley baptized 11 Nov 1738 at Combe Martin daughter of Richard and Joan
Mary Chorly baptized 27 May 1741 at Tiverton St Peter daughter of William
Mary Chaarley baptized 5 Sep 1747 at Tawstock daughter of John and Grace
Mary Chorley baptized 15 Jun 1743 at Great Torrington daughter of George and Margaret

An exercise apparently not done by me earlier! at least not with varying the surname. Tawstock is 13 miles from Bishops Nympton where John Pincomb lived and where he married Mary Charlie in 1767. Tiverton is 14 miles from Bishops Nympton. Great Torrington is 17 miles from Bishops Nympton. Combe Martin is 18 miles from Bishops Nympton. All are within equal distance from Bishops Nympton and all are born in a time interval that would work for the marriage. Richard is a name that is used for the second last son of Robert Pincombe (third son of Mary). William is the name of her second son and John is the name of her first son and husband. George is the third son of Robert (third son of Mary). All the forenames do occur in the family. I will have to eliminate each of these Marys to see if that is helpful.

Mary signed the marriage register with a distinct hand but she signed it as Mary Pincombe unfortunately. The priest has written her surname as Charlie on both the Banns Register and the Marriage Register.

What happened to the four Marys listed above:

Mary Charley buried 3 Feb 1746 at  Parracombe
Mary Charley banns read at Goodleigh and the marriage 5 Nov 1759 to Robert Beard of Symbridge
Mary Charley married Joseph Jago 31 Jan 1765 at Kingskerswell
Mary Charley buried 15 Jul 1769 at Torquay St Marychurch
Mary Charley married at Tawstock 1 Sep 1772 a George Rogers
Mary Churley born circa 1740 and buried 7 Mar 1817 at Uffculme
Mary Charlie married John PIncomb 8 Nov 1767 at Bishops Nympton
Mary Churley buried 20 Jan 1792 at Uffculme
Mary Churly married 4 Jan 1771 to Robert Jordan at Culmstock
Mary Shirley married 26 Oct 1759 to John Whellan at St Andrew Plymouth
Mary Cherlie banns read at Bishops Nympton 27 Sep 1767 John Pincomb
Mary Chorley buried 13 May 1757 at Tiverton St Peter
Mary Chorley married 3 Apr 1763 William Mogford at Bampton
Mary Chorley married 26 Jul 1767 John Moore at Hartland
Mary Chorley married 8 Jun 1772 William Fulford at Tiverton

I am left with two of the Marys - one baptized at Combe Martin and the second baptized at Great Torrington. It is definitely interesting that a Mary Chorley married a John Moore in 1767 at Hartland. Hartland is 15 miles from Great Torrington and 2 miles from Bishops Nympton. The spelling of the surname is distinct for each of these marriages although Charlie is the priest's choice for the spelling as Mary signed her name Mary Pincombe. So is this my Mary?:

Mary Charley baptized 11 Nov 1738 at Combe Martin daughter of Richard and Joan

I never see the name Joan used in this family. I never see the name Richard used in this family until the grandsons of John and Mary are born to Robert Pincombe their third son and Elizabeth Rowcliffe and Richard and Elizabeth name their 5th son Richard. So a mystery there perhaps.  There is a Richard Charley buried 15 Apr 1765 at West Buckland (2 years before the marriage of John Pincombe and Mary Charlie). He left a will which was probated in 1768 and, of course, lost in the bombing of the Exeter Record Office during World War II. It might have been helpful if Mary Pincombe was his heir! There is another Richard Charley buried 16 Nov 1785 at West Buckland. I couldn't find a baptism for Richard Charley on the Find My Past website that would fit. West Buckland is 11 miles from Combe Martin and 8 miles from Bishops Nympton.

An earlier blog I had set my sights on Hugh Charley of Combe Martin as the father of my Mary but the records on Find My Past do not support this idea (they are shown on Family Search but are a patron submission). I have a published book for the Charley Family and there is mention of the Charley Family in North Devon. The chapter is interesting and written in a folksy style and mentions a couple of record groups including the Churchwardens at Combe Martin:

1699 John Charley
1714 Richard Charley
1729 Richard Charley
1730 Richard Charley
1814 John Charley
1815 John Charley
1820 John Charley
1822 John Charley

Evidence that Richard Charley was at Combe Martin along with the baptism of Mary. Nutcombe Farm at Combe Martin is mentioned and I did find the mention of a Nutcombe which is mentioned under Combe Martin on the Genuki site and 10 miles from West Buckland. Was Richard the father of my Mary; he appears to have had a son Richard perhaps as well. There were still Pincombe families in this area at this time who were related to my John Pincombe. Does location play into a decision?

All of the other Mary Charleys born in the right time period have been eliminated. This Mary baptized at Combe Martin appears to have survived. Marrying at her husband's parish might not be that unusual especially as her father is deceased. She could be living with relatives at Bishops Nympton as she is said to be of Bishops Nympton on the marriage registration and banns.

Is John Charley the father of Richard Charley? Is Hugh Charley the father of John Charley and the emigrant from Ireland mentioned in the book Romance of the Charley Family?

The burial date for Mary can not yet be determined as there are two burials at Bishops Nympton in this time period and no age mentioned. Again so much material lost in the bombing of Exeter Record Office.

1. Elizabeth BLAKE
2. Helen Louise PINCOMBE (b 18 Oct 1916) - Westminster Township Middlesex County Ontario Canada
3. John Routledge PINCOMBE (b 10 Sep 1872)- Lobo Township Middlesex County Ontario Canada
4. William Robert PINCOMBE (b 11 Jun 1837)- Molland Devon England
5. John PINCOMBE (b 5 Jul 1808)- Bishops Nympton Devon England
6. Robert PINCOMBE (b 4 Oct 1775) - Bishops Nympton Devon England
7. Mary CHARLEY (b 11 Nov 1738) - Combe Martin Devon England
8. Richard CHARLEY

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Elizabeth Peck (1758 - 1830)

52 Ancestor Challenge - Challenge 40

Blake, King, Coleman, Pearce, Farmer, Mary (unknown), Lambden, Sarah (unknown), Knight, Ellis, Knight, Vincent, Butt, O'Ford, Arnold, Molton, Cotterell, Bartlett, Alderman, Shepherd, Sherwood, Elizabeth (unknown), Happerfield, Collins, Rawlings, Tanner, Dove, Morgan, Lywood, Lanham, unknown, Peck, Pincombe, Charley, Rowcliffe, Pearse, Rew, Moggridge, Siderfin, Kent, Gray, Hilton, Cobb, Sproxton, Routledge, Tweddle, Routledge, Routledge, (unknown) Buller, unknown, Beard, Hemsley, Welch, Brockhouse, Cheatle, Woodcock, unknown Taylor, unknown, Harborne, Lewis, Roberts, Croxall, Lawley, unknown

I have two ancestors (thus far) born out of wedlock but raised by their mothers. Elizabeth Peck was the mother of my second one. Elizabeth was baptized at Milston Wiltshire 15 Apr 1758 daughter of Joseph Peck and Ann Holmes who were themselves  married 26 Jul 1740 at Milston and they baptized eight children at Milston:

John baptized 28 Apr 1741
Thomas baptized 15 May 1744
Samuel baptized 26 Apr 1747
Jane baptized 9 Feb 1751
Jonah baptized 27 Mar 1753
Anne baptized 30 Apr 1755
Elizabeth baptized 15 Apr 1758
Mary baptized 15 May 1761

Joseph was himself baptized 4 Apr 1718 at Milston (son of Thomas Peck and Johanna Holmes who were themselves married 13 Sep 1705 at Milston) and Ann Holmes was baptized 17 Jul 1712 at Figheldean. Joseph was buried 7 Oct 1791 at Milston and Ann was buried 5 Jul 1778 at Milston. An autosomal DNA match (actually several) link back to Thomas Peck and Johanna Holmes using Ancestry DNA. Being able to prove lines with DNA is a real treat. The paper trail looks excellent but verifying with an autosomal DNA match is one of the treats of DNA testing.

I have never done very much work on the siblings of my Peck ancestors or my Holmes. Were Joanna Holmes and Ann Holmes related? I have not solved that mystery yet either.

The daughter of Elizabeth Peck, Martha, married George Lywood a soldier returning from the Battle of Waterloo. That has always made me curious wondering if Martha's father was also a soldier who died in the Peninsular Wars. Martha Peck was baptized 1 Jul 1792 at Milston.

I have the parish registers (baptisms and burials for Milston) and will extract the information on the Holmes family to see if I am able to make any connections.

Milston Parish Register Baptisms
Robert Holmes baptized 11 Mar 1551
Nicholas Holmes baptized 11 Mar 1551
Jacob Holmes baptized 24 Dec 1556
Margery Holmes baptized 3 May 1559
Alice Holmes baptized 16 Oct 1564
Elizabeth Holmes baptized 24 Jan 1581 daughter of Nicholas
John Holmes 10 May 1588 son of Nicholas
Henry Holmes baptized 24 Aug 1591 son of Nicholas
Edmund Holmes baptized 22 Aug 1594 son of John
Margery Holmes baptized 2 Aug 1596 daughter of John
William Holmes baptized 5 Oct 1599 son of John
Elizabeth Holmes baptized 2 Oct 1601 daughter of John
William Holmes baptized 15 Apr 1614 son of Richard
Margery Holmes baptized 21 Sep  1614 daughter of John junior
Anne Homles baptized 4 Feb 1619 daughter of John Holmes ?
Mary Homles baptized 4 Feb 1619 daughter of John Holmes ?
Dorothy Homes baptized 16 Jul 1620 daughter of John
John Holmes baptized Oct 1622 son of John
Jane Homes baptized 17 Apr 1725 daughter of Thomas and Jane (Holmes BT)
Jane Homes baptized 17 Sep 1726 daughter of Thomas and Jane (Holmes BT)

Milston Parish Register Burials
Margery Holmes buried 10 Mar 1580
Elizabeth Holmes buried 31 Jan 1581
John Holmes buried 25 Feb 1581
Edmund Holmes buried 21 Dec 1596
Agnes Holmes 6 Feb 1600 (widow)
Alice Homes buried 16 May 1622 wife of Nicholas (Holmes on BT)
Nicholas Homes buried 7 Mar 1624
John Holmes buried 24 Jan 1631
Jane Homes buried 18 Apr 1725
Jane Homes buried 28 Oct 1726 (BT Holmes)
Jane 1754
Sarah 1780

Family Search
Thomas Holms married Jane Waterman 4 Apr 1716 at West Harnham

There does appear to be a family early on at Milston of:

Nicholas Holmes married to Alice (unknown)
Elizabeth Holmes baptized 24 Jan 1581 daughter of Nicholas
John Holmes 10 May 1588 son of Nicholas
Henry Holmes baptized 24 Aug 1591 son of Nicholas

The next family unit is for John Holmes as father and there may be two John Holmes at Milston at that time with one of them being possibly the son of Nicholas. However neither Joanna Holmes or Ann Holmes my ancestors are listed in these records.

There are many Holme families at Figheldean and Figheldean is just one mile from Milston.

Parish Registers Figheldean Baptisms

John Holmes
Susanna Holmes baptized 13 Apr 1610 daughter of John

Edward Holmes married Thomsan 
William Holmes baptized 20 Mar 1654
Sarah Holmes baptized 6 Jul 1656

Richard Holmes married Sarah
John Holmes baptized 15 Jul 1657
James Holmes baptized 18 Feb 1659

Thomas Holmes married Martha
George Holmes baptized 20 Sep 1659
Thomas Holmes 7 Jul baptized 1661
William Holmes baptized 22 Mar 1662
Charles Holmes baptized 22 Feb 1664
George Holmes baptized 15 Apr 1667
Alexander Holmes baptized 28 Dec 1669
Roger Holmes baptized 4 Feb 1671
Mary Holmes baptized 27 Dec 1674

George Holmes married Elnor
Elnor Holmes baptized 25 Dec 1660
William Holmes baptized 9 Mar 1667

William Holmes (junior) married Susanna
Alice Holmes baptized 20 Apr 1663
James Holmes baptized 17 Apr 1666
Margery Holmes baptized 27 Nov 1668

John Holmes married Mary Dory 5 Sep 1664 at Figheldean

George Holmes (junior) married Ann C 11 Jun 1666 at Figheldean 
Ann Holmes baptized 4 Jul 1669
Isabell Holmes baptized 31 Mar 1672
Thomas Holmes baptized 21 Dec 1674
Joane Holmes baptized 8 Jul 1676

Nicholas Holmes married Dorothy
William Holmes baptized 5 Sep 1668
Mary Holmes baptized 20 Aug 1671
Ann Holmes baptized 4 Jan 1673
Henry Holmes baptized 24 Jun 1677
John Holmes (and Ann) of Ablington
Anna Holmes baptized 28 Oct 1670
John Holmes baptized 8 Nov 1672
Ellen Holmes baptized 1 Jan 1674
George Holms baptized 4 Aug 1677
James Holmes baptized 13 Jul 1684

William Holmes married Catherine
William Holmes baptized 12 Jun 1672
Mary Holmes baptized 18 Dec 1673

Richard Holmes married Margaret
Margaret Holmes baptized 25 Apr 1684

Nicholas Holmes married Elizabeth Storrer 6 Aug 1683 at Figheldean
Nicholas Holmes baptized 8 Jun 1685

John Holmes married Edith
John Holmes baptized 7 Mar 1685
Anne Holmes baptized 22 Nov 1687
Jane Holmes baptized 20 Oct 1689
John Holmes baptized 31 Jul  1691
Thomas Holmes baptized 6 Aug 1693
George Holmes baptized 11 Nov 1695
Richard Holmes baptized 18 Dec 1698

John Holmes married Elizabeth King 16 Feb 1690 at Figheldean

Charles Holmes married Alice (husbandman)
Thomas Holmes baptized 24 Apr 1690
John Holmes baptized 18 Jun 1692
Richard Holmes baptized 4 Nov 1694
Mary Holmes baptized 22 Jan 1696
Anne Holmes baptized 9 Dec 1699
Ann Holmes baptized 19 Apr 1700
William Holms baptized 7 Dec 1701
Elizabeth Holms baptized 6 Apr 1704 (button maker at baptism)
James Holmes baptized 3 Mar 1706 (labourer at baptism)
Mary Holmes baptized 22 Jan 1709

John Holmes married Mary (carpenter)
John Holmes baptized 23 Nov 1693
Mary Holmes baptized 17 Jan 1695
Elizabeth Holmes baptized 13 Feb 1697
Nicholas Holmes baptized 31 Jan 1702
William Holmes baptized 25 Mar 1706
James Holms baptized 9 Apr 1712

Alexander Holmes married Sarah  (husbandman)
Alexander Holmes baptized 10 Feb 1693
Sary Holmes baptized 27 Nov 1697
Mary Holms baptized 29 Feb 1699
Mary Holms baptized 11 Dec 1701
Elizabeth Holmes baptized 9 Dec 1703 (labourer at baptism)
Rachell Holms baptized 6 Apr 1708
John Holmes baptized 29 Oct 1711

James Holmes married Eleanor (shepherd)
Sarah Holmes baptized 1 Oct 1698
Hester Holmes baptized 8 Jul 1701
Susanna Holms baptized 5 Nov 1704

James Holmes married Mary (carpenter)
Judith Holmes baptized 2 Jun 1699
Dorothy Holmes baptized 30 Oct 1700
Susanna Holmes baptized 20 Jun 1709

James Holmes married Mary (husbandman)
James Holmes baptized 1 May 1701
William Holmes baptized 20 May 1703
Mary Holms baptized 5 Apr 1705 (labourer at baptism)
William Holms baptized 18 Jun 1707
John Holmes baptized 18 Jun 1707
Sarah Holms baptized 1 May 1712 
Elizabeth Holmes baptized 29 Jul 1713
Thomas Holmes baptized 5 Dec 1715
Grace Holmes baptized 25 Aug 1717

George Holms married Elizabeth (shepherd)
Charity Holms baptized 13 Jun 1700
George Holms baptized 25 Oct 1701
John Holmes baptized 15 Nov 1703
Thomas Holmes baptized 22 Sep 1710
James Holms baptized 14 Feb 1714

John Holmes married Elizabeth (shepherd)
Dorothy Holmes baptized 17 Dec 1704
John Holms baptized 26 Oct 1706
Mary Holmes baptized 15 Aug 1708
Susanna Holmes baptized 15 Dec 1711
Hester Holmes baptized 18 Feb 1714

George Holmes married Abigail of Ablington
Mary Holmes baptized 16 Aug 1710
Ann Holmes baptized 17 Jul 1712 
Martha Holmes baptized 8 Jul 1715

Alexander Holmes married Elizabeth
John Holmes baptized 1 Jul 1714

Thomas Holmes baptized 15 Dec  1668
Charles Holmes baptized 9 Apr 1671
Although this information doesn't add to my Peck family at all, it does give me a look into the Holmes family. Ann Holmes (if this is the correct one) marrying Joseph Peck is older than her husband and rather elderly having her last couple of children. She would have married late but I have not yet found another Ann that would fit into this family. Finding someone whose tree matches me with DNA results would be rather interesting. The results show a possibility that Joanna Holmes was an aunt to Ann Holmes but further research is likely needed to really prove that line.

Ancestry of Elizabeth Peck:

1. Elizabeth BLAKE
2. Ernest Edward George BLAKE (b 20 Aug 1904) - Eastleigh Hampshire England
3. Edith Bessie TAYLOR (b 1 Apr 1875) - Kimpton Hampshire England
4. Elizabeth RAWLINGS (b 19 Oct 1853) - Enford Wiltshire England
5. Elizabeth LYWOOD (b 25 Dec 1826) - Milston Wiltshire England
6. Martha PECK (b 1 Jul 1792) - Milston Wiltshire England
7. Elizabeth PECK (b 15 Apr 1758) - Milston Wiltshire England
8. Joseph PECK (b 4 Apr 1718) - Milston Wiltshire England
9. Thomas PECK (b 19 Dec 1676) - Milston Wiltshire England
10. Thomas PECK (b ~1640) - Milston Wiltshire England
11. William PECK (b 1605) - Milston Wiltshire England
12. William PECK (b 1576) - Milston Wiltshire England
13. John PECK

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Blake Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 4

Blake Newsletter
Table of Contents

       1.  100th member Blake DNA study FT DNA
       2. Galway Blake family
       3. Blake one name study
       4. Cornwall Blake family  
  5. Family Finder Results

1 100th member Blake DNA study FT DNA
We have reached a milestone in the Blake DNA study with our 100th member joining. The last couple of years I have encouraged people to do Family Finder if they find that DNA test to be interesting for their research. Plus it gives Blake women an opportunity to take an active part in the Blake DNA study. Blake is a multi-location surname and I would describe it as very large but in actuality it is a large surname study compared to studies like Smith and Jones. I continue to encourage Family Finder as a means to locate up to fourth cousins which may help to break down brick walls. You must have a fairly comprehensive family tree to really take advantage of this testing which includes all (or as many as you can find) of the descendants of your 4x great grandparents.

2 Galway Blake Family
One of the members of the Galway Blake family has sent me a copy of his published book on the Blake family descending from the Blake family at Kiltulla through Nicholas Blake (son of James Blake of Quarrymount) born circa 1744 and emigrated to Pennsylvania, United States of America circa 1772. I shall begin shortly adding this material to the Legacy Family Tree file that I created from Martin Blake’s two books mentioned in an earlier newsletter. 

3 Blake one name study
I reached a milestone myself and that is of 70 years of age. I decided that I would carry on for just five more years with my Blake one name study. I will continue to maintain it as long as I am able but will lodge all of the accumulated work with the Guild of One Name Studies (of which I intend to remain a member) and with the Society of Genealogists as well as The Surname Society. I will also give a copy to the Record Office of the Republic of Ireland in Dublin if they are willing to receive it of all the Irish material that I have slowly accumulated. I have enjoyed working on the Blake family these past four years and look forward to the next five years and hope to have a good deal accumulated by then.

4 Cornwall Blake family
I have now completed the extraction of all the Blake entries in the OPC Database for Cornwall and am now into collecting all the census material. I think that by the next newsletter I should have some interesting material to put in it for the Cornwall Blake family and will blog the trees that I have managed to pull together. Picking Bodmin as a centre was much more productive as the Blake families appear to move outward from this point. There is also movement into Cornwall by the Blake family(ies) in Devon.

5 Family Finder Results
I would like to come up with some sort of a tabular representation of the Family Finder Results as I am able to do comparisons within the project but thus far there are not too many matches with each other. As this develops I will add this information to the Newsletter although many of you would already be aware of such matches through your own portal at FT DNA. 

Any suggestions or information to add to the next newsletter please submit to:

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Phasing recommenced

Recommenced phasing of the parent's DNA with one section X being worked on by one sibling and I am working on Chromosome 22. Wanted to try a particular pattern working on the shortest one and it does appear to be working well. I created a Mendelian Genetic Chart showing the different combinations. With five sets of data (four complete and one integrated in from FT DNA) I am getting better results than with the FT DNA data on three people. That is to be expected because five is always better than three! I continue to be amazed at how I am the one that is different. I guess when you feel different in a family then perhaps you actually are!

I am just starting now to write to cousins to see if they would be willing to test. That would let me work on my grandparent's DNA as well. Curiosity about DNA led me to genealogy back in the early 2000s and it continues to lead my research. I still delve into a lot of old records but the DNA helps me to focus on particular lines. A match in any of those lines helps to verify the research that I do further back in some lines - Lywood is a good example where I now have two separate DNA matches at AncestryDNA which are between seventh cousins. There do not appear to be any other lines on which we are related and these are 4th to 6th cousin matches. One would assume that I inherited more on my Grandmother's Blake side to have these matches show up so strongly. Once I have tested one of my brothers at Ancestry DNA I will see how his matches compare to mine. A project for this next month actually is getting that test kit mailed out.